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Andrew Leek "Eternity Beckons"

<< Previous page. He's possessed of a beautifully controlled voice that can soar like an angel or, as on Apple On The Bough, enfolds to embrace. itself in the sort of richly deep emotional drama that might grace a Les Miserables.

Although these aren't intended as comparisons, he's in the same sort of vocal league as Chris De Burgh, Paul Simon or Paul McCartney while Twistin' Turnin', a simple image of a bird in flight, evokes the fragile folk beauty of Nick Drake.

His delicate, intricate guitar work flows as effortlessly as his melodies and his songwriting craft is beyond reproach. Listen to the affecting sibling bonded Joined At The Hip or the simple classic choke in the heart voice/guitar love song that is So Blind or, for more buoyant moods, the very credible stab at a singalong world peace togetherness anthem that is Children Of The Sun, a companion piece to his homelessness single Forgotten People that manages to be guileless rather than naive.

The world has enough second rate karaoke turns who can churn out versions of Daydream Believer for the golf club dinner, buy this album, spread the word and make Leek the star he deserves to be. Available from

Mike Davies